Data Analysis & Study Planning

Prof. Johannes C. Vester

Performance of Educational Workshops for Professionals in Clinical Research

idv has been a leading institution for educational workshops and seminars for professionals in clinical research since 1972 and remains current today on all aspects of clinical research.

Our range extends from providing basic understanding of principle biometric features in clinical research, through state-of-the-art concepts regarding meta-analyses and evidence-based medicine, up to the introduction into the latest developments in risk-based quality assurance.

The objective of the intensive courses at idv Data Analysis and Study Planning is to create a lively look behind the scenes of Clinical Research. idv presents the current state of developments that most likely will continue for years changing the perspective of everyone involved in this field.

idv seminars are also provided as inhouse-seminars with optional certification.

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Technical Publications: 48

Overall Publications: 156

Overall clinical research projects : 800+